The classic card game of Speed takes after its namesake.  It is a fast-paced card game played by two players. 


Number of people: 2 | hours: about 3-5 minutes

As the name suggests, the purpose of Speed is to be fast! For this 2-person game, players each have a stack of cards and the goal is to get rid of them as fast as you can.

Table of Contents

[1]. Components

- 52 card deck

[2]. Game Set

Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards and deal 5 cards to each player forming their hands.

Deal 15 cards  to each player for a personal draw deck, place 2 cards in between the players facedown. 

Deal 2 facedown piles of 5 cards beside the two cards.

Image when game setup is complete.

[3]. Game Progress

Objective : Be the first player to get rid of your 20 cards into the center piles. 

At the start of the game, each player holds a pile of five cards.

The game begins with each player simultaneously flipping 1 center card in the middle of the table.

Players play as fast as they can without taking turns.

Players play cards from their hands that are one number higher or lower than the top card of the center cards, regardless of suit.
Aces connect kings and twos, so a king can be played on an ace and vice versa.

If a player has less than 5 cards, draw a card from personal pile of 15 cards one at a time.

If both players get stuck, they flip new cards from their stock piles to the center. Play continues on these new cards.


Only one card can be played to the center at a time.
Players can have no more than five cards in hand at a time.
If stuck and no cards remain in the center, shuffle the center piles and create new face-down side piles to continue play.

[4]. How to Finish the Game

The first player to play all their cards and yells “SPEED”, hits the table wins.