War is just the opposite of speed. The goal is to collect all the cards. Players flip over the cards – higher wins. If there’s a match, players use a series of cards to battle.


Number of people: 2 | hours: about 10~45 minutes

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Okay, we’re joking. What it really is, is a great card game. War is a two-player game that is based almost entirely on luck. It’s easy enough to understand, so even the kids can join in on the fun. There are many variations of this game, but let’s first go over the rules for the basic version.

[1]. Components

- 52 card deck

[2]. Game Set

Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards with jokers and deal out all the cards. Each player has 26 cards, and should not look at the cards.
(You can add the jokers if you would like. If you opt to add jokers they will then count as the highest card.)

Card Ranking : 

A (High)
2 (Low)

[3]. Game Progress

Ex) The player on the left wins and puts both cards at the bottom of their deck.

To play, count down from 3 and flip cards at the same time so that they are face up. Only flip the top card; there is no peeking! Other cards must remain secret. The player with the higher card wins and collects both cards, returning the cards to the bottom of their personal deck. If players flip the same card, the “war” begins.


Ex) The player on the left wins and puts all cards, including the face-down cards, at the bottom of their deck. 

During a war, each player places three more cards, face-down, on the table next to their already flipped card. After they do this, then they flip over a fourth card so that it is face up. Whoever’s card is the highest is the winner. That player collects all the cards, 10 in total, and the next round begins. 

If the fourth card is also the same, then the war continues. Repeat the previous instructions until there is a winner.

If a player does not have enough cards for the war, they must place their last card face-up.

[4]. How to Finish the Game

Once one of the players collects all the cards, they are the winner, and the game is over. They have officially won the war!