If you’re not sure you want your kids yelling BS, you can call this game Baloney instead. This card game is all about bluffing – and calling your friends out when you catch them.BS

Number of people: 3 or more| hours: about 30 minutes

In this instruction I will teach you how to play BS, a fun card game. This is one of my favorite card games to play and often brings about many laughs and smiles. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and have fun experiences with it! This is my second instruction, so feedback and comments would be much appreciated.

[1]. Components
-A deck of 52 playing cards, with or without jokers

-Sunglasses(optional)-You'll see why later!

[2]. Game Set

First, remove the Jokers if playing the standard version. Then, thoroughly shuffle the deck so it's well mixed. Deal the cards to everyone according to the number of players until all cards are distributed. Now you're ready to start!

In traditional rules, the person with the ace of spades starts by playing it and any other aces they have. 

-Youngest starts and play goes clockwise.
-Oldest starts and play goes counterclockwise.
-Player with the ace of spades starts and play goes clockwise.
-Whoever "calls it" starts and play can go either direction.

If there's a disagreement, the card owner decides who starts and which way play goes. After deciding who starts, players arrange their cards and the game begins!

[3]. Game Progress

The objective of the game BS (or Cheat) is to get rid of all your cards by bluffing your opponents. Players take turns playing cards sequentially by number (starting with aces) or by bluffing if they don't have the required cards. Here's a simplified summary:

Starting the Game: The player with the ace of spades starts by placing it face down (if they have it) along with any other aces they have. If they don't have aces, they must bluff by placing 1 to 4 cards face down that are not the required number.

Bluffing: If a player suspects a bluff, they must call "BS!" (or an agreed-upon substitute like "Peanut Butter!" or "Baloney Sandwich!") before the next player takes their turn. If the bluff is true (the player did not play the required cards), the bluffing player takes all the cards in the middle. If the bluff was false (the player did play the required cards), the accuser takes the cards.

Gameplay: After resolving a challenge, play continues with the next number. For example, if a bluff was called on sixes, the player who successfully bluffed starts the next round on sevens.

Organizing Cards: Players can organize their cards by number, jumbled, or by suit to make bluffing more challenging.

[4]. How to Finish the Game

To win the game, get rid of all your cards. If you have more than three people, you can also play for first place, second place, third place, etc...

It can be advantageous to always call a bluff whenever a player puts their last card(s) down. The winner now has earned bragging rights.

This game is all about strategy, memory, and bluffing skills. Keep track of which cards have been played and try to catch your opponents in bluffs while avoiding being caught yourself!